Dec 7, 2022
N400 interview while i751 is Pending (Houston Office)
Hello guys, I have an interview coming up for my N400 while I still have my i751 pending (Case was updated to show fingerprints were taken). My question is how likely will there be a “combo interview”, some likely questions and if anyone has had this experience at the HOUSTON OFFICE, thanks
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Rocco FortéDec 7, 2022
Just go with your spouse. it’s typically a very simple interview
M JDec 7, 2022
@Rocco Forte I pray it is, thanks
Debbie DebzDec 7, 2022
hello MJ… bring all your supporting documents from the I 751 and N400 along with your spouse…one of my cousins went for this exact interview in Houston and was rescheduled due to the lack of evidence..
M JDec 7, 2022
@Debbie Debz thank you for the info, I’d be sure to bring lots of evidence and my wife as well.
Debbie DebzDec 23, 2022
hello MJ… have you attended your interview? if so, how was it?
M JDec 24, 2022
@Debbie Debz no I haven’t attended yet! it’s scheduled for the 17th of January, will keep you posted, any tips from your cousin apart from going with my spouse?
Debbie DebzDec 25, 2022
@ MJ Actually, he just received a rescheduled notice but I’m not sure what the date is as yet.. I’ll update you soon as I know anything else.
Tony XhangMar 5, 2023
@M J did your status updated after the interview?
M JMar 5, 2023
@Tony Xhang yes it’s updated now, it was a combo interview, very simple questions, everything lasted for about 20 minutes, I have my citizenship now and my American passport came in about three weeks ago

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