The Burrell-Robinson’s 🇯🇲🏳️‍🌈
Oct 1, 2023
My Progress
Is anyone else missing their my progress tab on their online account for i131, i130, i765?
albert beatlesOct 1, 2023
yes me too
albert beatlesOct 1, 2023
not sure what happened
albert beatlesOct 1, 2023
mine is only two weeks left for my i130 to be reviewed
emi gomezOct 1, 2023
The Burrell-Robinson’s 🇯🇲🏳️‍🌈Oct 1, 2023
lol I was just doing my daily checks and it wasn’t there😭 Hope it’s because of maintenance!
shanikay pOct 1, 2023
@Alma Burrell-Robinson it's normal to not seeing it on Sundays, it's maintenance day
The Burrell-Robinson’s 🇯🇲🏳️‍🌈Oct 1, 2023
@shanikay p Gotcha, it’s the first Sunday not seeing mine so I was curious 😂
tash TashOct 1, 2023
mines is being missing for 3 weeks now
Ita ☺️ MOct 1, 2023
yea me too
Anny LeonOct 1, 2023
Am OtienoOct 2, 2023
yes for my i485

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