jhuwee cassiday
May 12, 2022
job offer
i just got approved of a conditional green card last week by marriage. Im currently teaching remotely in American Samoa but now that I have my green card is it possible for us to move there and work since they are going back to face to face next school year. My husband will also find a work there. i know that I can only be out of US for a maximum of 6 mos in a year and need to apply for reentry permit if its more than a year but how will that affect ny green card?
Thomas LMay 12, 2022
isn’t American Samoa part of USA
blessed & favoredMay 12, 2022
jhuwee Cassidy -if it’s work related you can get a waiver for jobs where you have to be out of the country 6+ months and not abandon you GC. talk to a lawyer but there’s a way around it

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