marwan magdy
Jun 12, 2021
guys my case been updated online ready for interview and it’s been 10 days and I didn’t receive any mails yet, is it normal ? i485 marriage case NBC Long Island
outaway3 3Jun 12, 2021
Yes! That status just means you in line for an interview. You will not get any letter.
Mel QuirozJun 12, 2021
mine show that on the 17 of May ready to schedule interview and yesterday I got another update Interview Scheduled
fa bJun 12, 2021
your interview Is not scheduled yet that’s why mine is the same
marwan magdyJun 13, 2021
thx all
sim JayJun 14, 2021
relax, mine has been on ready to schedule interview since 5 months. Heavy delays

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