Wendy Wendy
Jan 25, 2023
Interview & Medical Scheduled Lagos
There’s finally light at the end of the tunnel. We have our interview scheduled for Feb 23rd and medical scheduled next week with Q Life! We have been together for 3 years and started the immigration process July 2021. My love will be here in March!! Continue to hold on no matter how hard it is; God will see you through! #FiancePetition #I129 #K1
Z HuanJan 25, 2023
Chopy AnaniJan 25, 2023
MARY PETERSJan 25, 2023
last man standingJan 26, 2023
Rising SunJan 26, 2023
congratulations 🎉 and good luck for the rest of the journy
Samson AdebayoJan 26, 2023
congratulations .. your DQ in which month ...
Wendy WendyJan 26, 2023
@samson We don’t have DQ with the i129 that’s with Marriage Visas … And I’ll be an Adebayo when I get married 😉
esse MandyJan 26, 2023
congratulations 🎊
Mag EzeJan 30, 2023
Congratulations,I have passed that stage,waiting for my approval now.u have to prepare for the interview with the tricky questions o
Wendy WendyJan 30, 2023
Waiting on what approval if you’ve passed this stage… You should be in American then!?

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