Lejla Duratovic
Jun 3, 2023
I'm a US citizen and I'm Pregnant with high stress and anxiety
I'm a US citizen and I'm Pregnant with high stress and anxiety I have 2 letters explaining my situation, one from my doctor and 1 from my counselor I have tried to expedite my case by calling uscis number and speaking with a live agent . so the live agent asked me few question about case number and address and why the reason for expediting. I said I have pregnancy complications, so he said I will receive an email with the next steps about the expedite request and that was all . but the email I received said that they denied my reason for expediting , it is so unfair they don't even ask for the evidence I have from my doctor and counselor . this is so frustrating . I'm 25 weeks pregnant . im a registered nurse working 12 consecutive hours , and im alone ANY TIPS THAT CAN HELP ME ON MY SITUATION . thanks in advance #I-130


U.S. citizen filing for a spouse

Total Days: 374 days
374 Days
Texas Service Center: I-130
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keep waitingJun 3, 2023
I'm so sorry to hear that :( may be try expediting again due to financial loss and health issue? you can show all the bills + letter from doctors as supporting documents. I wish you the best of luck!! You can also try requesting to speak with tier 2 agent. They should be able to call you back within 72 hours
keep waitingJun 3, 2023
Also, reach out to congressperson as well!
Kristen BJun 3, 2023
I’m sorry you are going through this. I also had to go through just about my entire pregnancy on my own and ended up giving birth to our son alone :( It’s really hard. You can send in a letter with the request to expedite and include all of the evidence you have. You can also contact your State Rep to see if they can request an expedite on your behalf. At the end of the day, you can do this! Try to talk to your partner as much as possible and join support groups, lean on family and friends etc. Best of luck to you!
Senator_ MayowaJun 3, 2023
I pray God give you enough strength and energy, cos Uscis might be funny some times. for example, I got married to my wife outside USA since 2021. she filed for me June 2022 last year still waiting, our marriage would clock 2years in few months. But we agreed not to get pregnant cos I know a lot of stress she would face alone. You should have discussed and agree with your spouse to delay a little bit, but God works in a miraculous way. I feel your pain. May God help you & get your spouse there on time
S AJun 3, 2023
expedite again via congress person
MP MJun 3, 2023
Oh dear, I agree, reach out to congress person, but more important than anything is YOU and YOUR baby keep that in mind and focus on happy thoughts and relax. Dealing with USCIS can be long and tiring process, BUT it's not the most important thing in LIFE, and imo we should prioritize our health, happiness and well-being! So don't overthink it my dear, everyday you're getting closer to approval and will happen soon, you're closer today than you were yesterday :))) Stay positive 😊 @
Vee VJun 3, 2023
dont call them, expedite via live chat. text the person. when they ask for the reason for expediting- give them a breif info and tell them that your current position will slowly put you in emotional and financial sdifficulties. and all of it has to ne one message. to understand the logistics behind this, when you reach an agent online they have to file an expedite for you and fill in the form for you, when you do via chat they would copy your brief reasoning into the form for the officer to review and approve. on the other hand, when you call them and convey your concern it is not filled it elaborately. hope this find helpful. as others rwcommended, congressmen could help you, while you try to figure out the ither way, try via chat as suggested and I hope they approve you this time.
Vee VJun 3, 2023
@ ✍️👆🏾. Prepare a brief description beforehand and the connect with live agent.
Lejla DuratovicJun 3, 2023
I am truly grateful to each and every one of you for your kind words , I have a congress office 15 mnt away from my location , I think I'm gonna go in person. early in the incoming week
Pauline mwauraJun 3, 2023
may your bundle of joy bring the joy you have waited for years💕
texas plsJun 4, 2023
expedite again, I did mine 5 times and eventually got approved
Lejla DuratovicJun 4, 2023
which way did you expedite ? @texas pls
texas plsJun 4, 2023
@Lejla Duratovic I called their no.
Lejla DuratovicJun 5, 2023
how many month you wait to call and try to expediting again ? @texas pls

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