Melinda Mourchid
Jan 25, 2023
if I make just a little over the income guidelines for two people households will I be approved at the NVC stage??
#i864 #nvc #affivdavitofsupport
Melinda MourchidJan 26, 2023
Yomii BJan 26, 2023
I don’t think it would be, , it’s thier guidelines and if you made just a little more they shouldn’t be given you any problems at all as long as you didn’t make less then what it says. but even so you can ask someone to help sponsor you if you feel more comfortable with showing more income.
Rose AJan 26, 2023
what’s the minimum income of 2 household for approval ?
Yomii BJan 26, 2023
It’s at $22,887 for 2
Melinda MourchidJan 31, 2023
so for example I make $23,000 that would qualify?
Yomii BJan 31, 2023
I belive so check it out here…
Yomii BJan 31, 2023
my house hold at the moment is 4 so I would need over $27,000.
Rose AFeb 1, 2023
thanks yomi
Melinda Mourchid4d
yes I know the HHS poverty guidelines for 2022 for the affidavit of support but I guess I'm just worried because I'm just above the line
N Espinal3d
@melinda being over in this case won’t hurt you.. that means you won’t need someone to sponsor you and your partner.

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