pola zein
Mar 19, 2023
since Nov.7,2022 my i824 was received and it was the last update since then does anyone knows how long does it take to transfer my aproved i130 from ucsis to NVC at vermont center
N DeRMar 19, 2023
Mine since Aug 22 NBC
fk fkMar 19, 2023
from June to January at NBC then transfered to Potomac it has been two months and still nothing has changed. this is transfer the case to nvc. whats yours for?
nicky OscarMar 19, 2023
after my interview in sept 2021, have not heard anything about my case.
Sulaiman AdeyimikaMar 19, 2023
Mine was February 10th this year
Amit yadav2d
did u get approval@pola zein
pola zein21h
no till now nothing new

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