rov rov
Sep 23, 2022
i485 eb1 tsc
case was transferred to another office updated sept 23's been long time since nov 2020 haven't heard any nor updates.need more patience and prayers🙏🙏🙏
Rk khanSep 23, 2022
where was it?
rov rovSep 23, 2022
@Rk khan..NBC
Rk khanSep 23, 2022
mine was in Texas its take a years now a days my i751 moved after 30 months to local office
Er richardsonSep 23, 2022
did you receive an email?
Rk khanSep 23, 2022
no I spoke with customer service thet told me
B KSep 24, 2022
if the case is transferred to another office, it may probably with NBC ; if it so it will get adjucated In3-4 weeks. all the best !

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