Ben Eke
Oct 22, 2022
My case was received in May of 2021, I haven’t heard anything yet from them, anyone else still waiting for their I360 to be approved??
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Jack BrownOct 22, 2022
Yes, I filed I-360 October 2020 Nothing yet, just 3 Prima Facie
mk tOct 22, 2022
filed in feb 2021 just got one RFE Submit the documents in September 2021 after the I haven’t got anything. not even prima facia
Dez 21Oct 22, 2022
I filled fab 2021, nothing yet, just EAD card no prima facia
gaff veeOct 22, 2022
March 2021, no rfe, fingerprints used for i485, ead and nothing on i360
mk tOct 23, 2022
@derrick you didn’t got the RFE ?
mk tOct 23, 2022
i don’t know what they trying to do for 2021 * Vawa applicants
Dez 21Oct 23, 2022
@mk t no I didn't get anything, what RFE did you get ?

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