Joanne Griffen
3 days ago
100 days today , they haven't reviewed our petition yet, Texas service center, hopefully sooner 🙏


U.S. citizen filing for a spouse

Total Days: 103 days
103 Days
Texas Service Center: I-130
Timeline Map
Submission to USCIS
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m c3 days ago
we are at 112 days same center - actively reviewing since July 9th but no movement so not sure it really means anything. wishing you good luck and a fast process!
🎁 King 🤴3 days ago
I’ve been waiting for the last 174days 🥱
Joanne Griffen3 days ago
texas went to 10 to 13 months now they seems became slower than Vermont, last time it's 8 t0 11 months next to Nebraska..
Raja Rm3 days ago
262 days lol
m c3 days ago
well I guess we will all have mastered the art of being patient through this process 😬
Raja Rm3 days ago
oh yea we don't have any other choice tho
Raja Rm3 days ago
potomac service center is a jail 😒
T Yearwood3 days ago
I filed on June 14th at same center and was updated yesterday that it's now being carefully reviewed. Hopefully you will have an update soon as well
Julia S2 days ago
we filled May 28th and are at Texas, no one has touched our case yet
Joanne Griffen2 days ago
hopefully they will touch ours soon , 🙏🙏

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