harmain jari
Jun 23, 2022
hi so my case I-130 approved on June 10 and received a letter saying I need to file I-824 cause I didn’t indicate any abroad embassy. I checked my papers which I filed and I did write down the embassy name. I called uscis about this and they emailed me that USCIS has sent the approved petition to the NVC and I should wait 45 days. so I am just confused do I still need to file I-824 or I’m all sorted now..? cause the letter from them and email saying two different thing.? any help would be appreciated..!!!
Wael AJun 24, 2022
sounds like you don’t need to file i824 if they are sending it to the NVC . i would wait the 45 days and If they haven’t sent it to the NVC then I would file i824 . but if they emailed you saying they sent the approved petition to the NVC then I think you don’t have to worry . just keep record of that email!
Wael AJun 24, 2022
i824 takes a while to get approved I’m waiting on approval right now because I left the embassy name blank like an idiot . it’s been 45 days and i haven’t gotten any updates yet
harmain jariJun 24, 2022
@wael A thanks a lot I’m just confused they said two different things but definitely I would not want to file I-824 it will delay my process and hopefully you will get your approval soon😊
k pJun 24, 2022
it's is their standard reply and email was sent from a customer service. Just like anyone, it's a standard reply that any approved petition will go to NVC which takes so and so day. if you did not make a mistake, then I recommend to go to a congressman with your copy of I130 and approval notice and tell them to file for you that you did not make a mistake and it should be transferred to NVC immediately. The reply they get will be final. Don't wait anymore as it's a bullshit reply's from USCIS and waste of our time. just make an inquiry through congressman.
Abdus SubhanJun 24, 2022
I’ll suggest get help with congressman with sending them your i130, approval and email USCIS making Erorr and they want us to pay them for their mistake, we submit all the documents along with i130 but they care about 61.a - 62.c which is make no sense.
Meet D17m
@harmain After how many days did you actually get the welcome letter from NVC?

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