Eli S
May 9, 2022
I-751 biometrics / Vermont SC
Hello everyone! I filed my I-751 petition on November 16, 2021 and received 24 months extension notice. On November 30, 2021, I received a notice that my biometrics will be reused but my case status hasn’t changed on the website. It still says that the case was received and no mention of “biometrics being reused”. Do you think it’s worth calling the USCIS and asking if the case status can be updated since I got the letter? I notice that most people here had their status updated.
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sophie dahlMay 9, 2022
following... filed on July 2021. i m vermont too same status...gt my 24 month extension letter..biometrics done on September 2021...
jay jayMay 9, 2022
Eli, how did you recieve a notice on November 30th 2022 whiles we are still in may 2022??
Eli SMay 9, 2022
*biometrics notice received on november 30, 2021 - typo

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