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Sep 23, 2022
Hi I’m going to through divorce and my ex is dragging the process out plus the courts have a lack of judges so I can’t get a final date. my I-751 renewal is coming up soon and I’m afraid I won’t be divorced by then the renewal date. I have a young child. please share any experiences.
Frank SSep 23, 2022
do you already have your i751?
s ISep 23, 2022
I have my 2 year Greencard. my renewal is early next year. GC expires May 2023.
Waiting PatientlySep 23, 2022
personally I think you have plenty of time, you have 90 days to file removal of conditions before your green card expiration date at which point they send you a 24 month extension letter while you wait for your interview. That interview usually takes a year plus
A BSep 23, 2022
automatic ext will apply on your work permit if you have same catogory C09 so don’t worry keep in touch with your lawyer
Rocco FortéSep 23, 2022
Divorce waivers can be filed anytime. Don’t sweat it
s I3 days ago

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