Ali Kabore
Dec 8, 2022
#I-485 proof
Hello guys, is it safe or okay to upload documents on my USCIS account for my I-485 application. When I sent the application I didn’t have enough proof. Now I have tax returns, photos, bills, a baby and more supporting documents. Just want to make sure that it won’t delay my application if I upload them because they didn’t ask. Any insight will be appreciated. Thanks.
favor me👩🏽‍💼Dec 8, 2022
yes, it’s safe.
Ali KaboreDec 8, 2022
@Lucky D, it does cause any delay? you’ve done that in the past?
favor me👩🏽‍💼Dec 9, 2022
yes I did, my pd is June 6, 2022, on November 11, 2022 I uploaded some evidence through my online account and I got RFE on November 24th, the upload made my case move a bit. the RFE was for my husband recent tax return and my birth certificate.

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