Mohammed Fayyazuddin
Mar 19, 2023
Hello This friday my I-30 updated to Actively Reviewing After 346days. What does that mean? Also few weeks before i got an email From USCIS officer to mail my medical Records I-693 which I already mailed them and it say’s delivered. Thank you :)
Mar 19, 2023
soon your case will b approved inshallah
Empress HMar 19, 2023
approval soon
Oumou sMar 19, 2023
same thing happened with me. check the documents in your USCIS account there could be an approval letter
John RICHARDSMar 19, 2023
Approval is coming in days
Mohammed FayyazuddinMar 20, 2023
@B K Yes there are few vaccines including Covid Vaccine i had all my vaccination records took it with me to the civil surgeon and from there the hospital took care of what all needs to done.
Mohammed FayyazuddinMar 20, 2023
@m f In shaa Allah Ameen
Mohammed FayyazuddinMar 20, 2023
@KD H @John RICHARDS Thank You :)
Mohammed FayyazuddinMar 20, 2023
@Fati s Checked but nothing in the documents hopefully soon :)
Mohammed FayyazuddinMar 21, 2023
These are the vaccination records I submitted to my Civil Surgeon. I hope this helps out to you also TDap MMR Hep B Varicella Influenza Covid-19
Mar 21, 2023
where u get all this record of vaccines?
Mohammed FayyazuddinMar 22, 2023
@m f I went to Walgreens and got all the shots and they provide you the record once all your vaccines are completed
Mohammed FayyazuddinMar 22, 2023
UPDATE: Both I-30 and I -485 got approved this morning:) Alhamdulilah. Thank you for all the comments i hope & pray everyone gets there approval soon
mahmood khiralahMar 23, 2023
same your case mohammed i will send the medical tomorrow. and also i have 1-30 updated to actively reviewing

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