Oksana Morgan
May 27, 2023
I-131 “Document was mailed to me” what does it mean?
Hi, everyone, My husband’s two last updates for Advance Parole were: May 17, 2023 “The post office returned a notice we sent you for your Form I-131, Application for Travel Document, because they couldn’t deliver it.” and then May 17, 2023 “Document was mailed to me”. We haven’t received neither the notice nor document. We made e-requests but are still waiting the answers. Does anybody know what the last status means? Is it approval and they sent AP or something’s wrong? I’m confused because recently I got update of my I-131, and it was fully cleared for understanding: “we produced your AP” and “case was approved”. #advanceparole #advance-parole #i131 #i-131 #traveldocument
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Chocolaty BoyMay 27, 2023
It means the USPS was unable to deliver your main document at your mentioned address. Did you receive notices before on same address OR did you change your address? You need to verify your address with the USCIS by chatting with EMMA.
Chocolaty BoyMay 27, 2023
It also means your AP was approved and the document was mailed to you but unable to deliver because of some issue with the postal address. Check postal address in USCIS and your mailbox again.
Oksana MorganMay 27, 2023
@Chocolaty Boy we didn’t receive any of those documents… Do you know how to check the mailing address with EMMA? I asked in the chat, it links me to other pages about changing the address, but I need just to check.
Oksana MorganMay 27, 2023
@Chocolaty Boy so the status “Document was mailed to me” means approval?
Chocolaty BoyMay 28, 2023
@Oksana Morgan You need to chat with an agent. To ask about your case, the agent will ask your details including your physical address. Since you didn't received any mails, I doubt that you put wrong mailing address in your forms. That's the only potent reason to not receiving your mails. contact USCIS on Tuesday and confirm your address.
Chocolaty BoyMay 28, 2023
@Oksana Morgan "Document was mailed to me" means your approved document is on the way to your provided address using USPS priority mail (EAD) & USPS first class mail (AP).
Bin 4545May 29, 2023
how long it took to get approved travel document??
jay sarmientoMay 29, 2023
my advance parole its produce . how many days to get in the mail
Chocolaty BoyMay 30, 2023
@jay sarmiento 3-5 working days.
Chocolaty BoyMay 30, 2023
@Oksana Morgan Please share your AP approval timeline. It'll be helpful for others.
jay sarmientoMay 30, 2023
ok thanks
Oksana MorganMay 30, 2023
@Bin 4545 @Chocolaty Boy It took 693 days of waiting since July 1, 2021. Today I received the document by mail. My husband still doesn’t get approval and any documents. So it seems like his processing time will be much longer 🤯
Oksana MorganMay 30, 2023
@jay sarmiento My AP came within 5 days, including all Memorial day holidays
rich hdezMay 30, 2023
how long take to they mail to you from avance parole was produce ?
rich hdezMay 30, 2023
my Is was produce 6 day ago and nothing at my mail 🙈
Oksana MorganMay 30, 2023
@Chocolaty Boy thank you for information above. We recived other documents before these updates and today my AP has been come. But something wrong with husbands travel case. I talked with attorney today and she think that husband’s updates were about e-requests we made in February and March. But we are still going to call USCIS anyway, thank you for advice!
Bin 4545May 31, 2023
@Oksana Morgan, Thank you so much for the info.. I applied for re entry permit. some USCIS agents say that after biometrics you can leave the country and some says you need to wait until you receive the approved reentry permit notice.. I have a bad situation and I need to travel for 1 year.. I seriously don’t know what to do now.
Oksana MorganMay 31, 2023
@Bin 4545 so sorry for this situation, it must be really stressful… but maybe re-entry permit has much shorter processing time. If you have a serious situation you may request an emergency advance parole. I am not sure about evidence and process but heard that it take time about only month or even week. There is info on USCIS website
Oksana MorganMay 31, 2023
@rich hdez last update was “On May 25, 2023, we approved your Form I-131 ... We sent you an approval notice…” And the document came today, within 5 days. By the way, they write in case status that if you don’t receive approval notice by “such a number” (usually in 2 weeks), then you should make e-request. But hope it won’t need you, because I made these e-requests several times and every time they answered only in 3-4 weeks 🫤
rich hdezMay 31, 2023
@Oksana Morgan I just got it today thankz
Eduardo MendezJun 11, 2023
@Oksana Morgan hi. So my Advance Parole showed up on my informed delivery (usps) but was never delivered. Then on Saturday it showed up again being return to sender (USCIS). Kindly, how long did yours to get resended after it was returned on May 17? My name and address are correct on the picture of the scanned envelope (from informed delivery usps)
Sid ReddyNov 16, 2023
@Eduardo Mendez Can you please help with some details? I'm in a similar situation. it showed up on my USPS informed delivery but never delivered. How do you check on USPS if it was returned to sender? Did you ever revive it? if yes after how long?
Oksana MorganNov 25, 2023
@Eduardo Mendez @Sid Reddy Sorry for late answer. Unfortunately, we ended up with completely another problem. As we realized with Emma that “Document was mailed to me” was not about Advance Parole. They sent only a notice with answer to one of our e-requests. My husband got AP only after we wrote to congressman in August... And we never connected with USPS. The only place where I saw that the mail has been returned to USCIS was here at Lawfully. I guess if you haven’t received the document until the date they marked in the status, then you can make e-request for resend the document. or write to Emma, maybe

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