Emil's journey so far
Jan 25, 2023
#i-130 or i-730 for my family?
Hi lawfully family, I wish to get ur advice on this. I was granted Asylum in the u.s, travel out of u.s with 131 (not the country of my asylum claim) while my 485 is still in process to see my fiancee and we signed our marriage. Now my question is which of the forms do I used to petition for her and my daughter. Is it 130 or 730. #Note 485 is still processing.
O MJan 25, 2023
I don’t think you can petition right now since you have to be married before grant of assylum to file for i 730..while for i-130 you need you green card..You can file i 730 for you daughter if she was included in the application before the approval
Emil's journey so farJan 25, 2023
O M. thanks for ur advice. as for my daughter yes she was included in the application before approval. I didn't filed for her yet bcuz I want to do it together with her mum (my wife)

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