User1 Deen
Jun 16, 2021
i 130
hello guys am green card holder filed for my lovely wife outside US pd February 2021 and case being actively reviewing on june 11 2021. i called uscis today and i found out my case is with texas service center. is there anyone’s case in texas service center with similar case with my.
Sallie DekovicJun 17, 2021
mine is also at texas for spouse outside US, I’m a US citizen. pd January 22 2021, active review February 25 2021, nothing since
User1 DeenJun 17, 2021
ok I hope everything goes well
Ud PeterJun 17, 2021
My i-130 was filled by my wife in the US. NVC is Texas and PD-29/10/20, also active review. Going by Lawlly projections, am number 10th out of 22 on the cue, for cases between October to November, 2020. Be patient, pray for the process to be faster and also for your application to be approved. Am optimistic, I'll have a notification by July.
karp cJun 17, 2021
which country your spouse is in

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