Jul 7, 2021
How to request expedite EAD renewal
EAD renewal application received 03/18/2021 notice received: 04/08/2021 Case is still pending (4 months) Received a job offer letter (Signed the contract last week) Job denied due to pending of EAD renewal Can you guys please help me how to request expedite EAD renewal?
Blessed 😇 oJul 7, 2021
call uscis, tell robot “ info pass” when it asks what you want help with. it will connect you to a representative. tell representative you wish to request expedite action for your case. state hour readon for doing so. if reason is valid, your case will be expedited. Check uscis website for different reasons to request expedite action
T CJul 7, 2021
Thank you @Ekun o
Mariano ViglioneAug 16, 2021
Did you get any luck with this? my wife has a very similar situation. Asked for an expedite request on NBC but still pending for an answer since early July. Never asked us why we were requesting expedite processing, but she already lost a job due to lack of EAD and now she has another job offer she may loose as well. Thanks
T CAug 16, 2021
no luck...lost the opportunity... requested to expedite twice already..they gave me receipt number 2 times..and told me that they will send me emails...trust me never received any emails...tired of this lying games...it was a public health county job and I am health care professional myself. I have all the legal document s including the job offer letter but I lost the motivation. I am just tired!!!
Mariano ViglioneAug 16, 2021
I hear you. my wife is desperate as well. let’s hope it gets better soon. good luck!!
shu CsayAug 31, 2021
I’m in the same situation. it’s very frustrating to lose jobs for this reason. I’ve been stressed for the longest time.
T CSep 1, 2021
@shu ceesay I understand your pain!! let's hope for the best!! you' re all in this together 🙏

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