lu lu
Jun 9, 2022
how do you deal?
what do you do when you’re in a toxic workplace and you can’t change jobs because they sponsored employment green card and you’re waiting for the GC to be approved?
dak zekeJun 9, 2022
after 180 days of submission of i-485 to uscis, you can change jobs. please look into ac21
lu luJun 9, 2022
i did consult with my attorney and they advised me to stay at my job because they’ve seen many that did ac21 were rejected
dak zekeJun 10, 2022
then i would stay at the current job to be safe. after approval, you can leave
Lab StructuresJun 10, 2022
If you have a pending 485 more than 180 days AND the job you are switching has the same job description/ class you are right now, I see no reason why your case is going to be denied. AC21 portability law is there for a reason. I am only speaking on behalf of an H1b visa.

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