marriage to USC based AOS case
Feb 25, 2021
my i485 is pending. I’m on F1 right now. I need to receive honorarium from this organization but they say it’s illegal for them to pay me bec I’m on student visa. does it change things legally with a pending green card or no way for them to pay me?what about after my 765 is approved?
Charol PereiraFeb 25, 2021
I thing no way them pay you, because your status is still F1 . You don’t have the 485 approved yet
Waiting DudeFeb 25, 2021
i think you may need to ask a lawyer. There are some rooms for exceptions but they are rare.
marriage to USC based AOS caseFeb 26, 2021
what about after my 765 is approved?
Charol PereiraFeb 26, 2021
Could be possible. I think right now they said no because you still have F1 visa . But will be better if you ask it to a lawyer.
❤️❤️❤️❤️ 😊😊😊Mar 19, 2021
if you have a valid EAD that have been approved you should be able to work. but ask your lawyer

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