nehir nehir
Dec 9, 2022
hello, i have a question
i am married us citizen and i got my conditional green card just one month before our second anniversary. And i cant apply any case before 3 months left to expire this card( right) .. but the same time if you are married us citizen for 3 years and you live in us with your spouse all the time, you can apply for citizen. (right) Next year this time i will be married 3 years with my husband, but same time i will be just 1 year conditional green card holder, my question is, do i have to wait my conditional green card expired or still can i apply for citizen because 3.years merriage?? i hope i was able to explain🙈 iç have a great days,
C WalkerDec 9, 2022
It doesn’t matter how long you got married, the 3 years start counting from the day u get your green card. it’s sucks but that how USCIS do their thing.
Tara MDec 9, 2022
it's not about how long you've been married but how long you've been living in the US consecutively. 3 years for spouses of US citizens, 5 years for everyone else.
Godson BlessedDec 9, 2022
you start counting your 3 years from the date of your initial approval of your conditional GC . doesn’t matter how long you been married your clock to apply for citizenship starts when you get approval from the underlying application.
Baltimore 410Dec 9, 2022
what if you didn’t have Conditional GC and you got 10 GC how can you start citizen
Godson BlessedDec 9, 2022
applying for citizenship starts from the date the GC is issued - the date from 2 years or 10 years will depend if the marriage was b4 or after 2 year’s anniversary respectively. if you have it after 2 years then your date starts from the issue green card date of the 10 years like wise if your GC Was issued b4 your 2 years anniversary , the date starts from when your temporary GC was issued. - if married to a us citizen , you count 3 years from the issue date of the GC likewise LPR (legal permanent resident) you count 5 years from the issue date . -
nehir nehirDec 9, 2022
thank you everyone, in this case i can’t apply for citizen at list 3 more years then,
bri flanDec 14, 2022
after 3 yrs of marriage to a citizen you're eligible fir citizenship

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