Raja Rm
2 days ago
hello guys quick question what does it mean ranking 105th?
uros jovanovic2 days ago
Means there are 104 people with similar cases infront of you or something. Btw do not trust this app, it isn’t reliable
elvis a2 days ago
don’t worry about any of that. Just focus on the current status. This app will try to get you buy stuff that don’t help at all
Raja Rm2 days ago
thank you guys and one more thing what does it mean when you take it look your profile it says received and one number move head I just joined this app three days ago and that it says 197 yesterday 198 and today 199
A P2 days ago
it's just more people around your timeline and case type have added their cases to lawfully. their predictions are just predictions based on the data they have from people who track cases via lawfully. while it can or cannot be accurate it gives you a good understanding of what's happening overall to the applications of your type and timeline.
Raja Rm2 days ago

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