Kate Gianni
Feb 9, 2021
health insurance
hi everyone! just wanted to ask if someone knows. does that mean people who are waiting for their green cards being married to citizens can get marketplace insurance without any issues? thank you it’s from the healthcare.gov website: “On February 24, 2020, new U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) regulations apply to the definition and factors for “public charge” status. These regulations outline how USCIS will determine whether applications for admission to the United States or applications for adjustment to immigration status will be denied because the applicant is likely at any time to become a public charge. Use of public benefits could be considered a negative factor in a public charge inadmissibility determination. This means it could affect your chances of admission or adjustment of status. Enrollment in a Marketplace plan (with or without premium tax credits) is not a public benefit under the public charge final rule.”
Neyda L.Feb 10, 2021
Hey, Kate. My husband and I enrolled on November. I don’t have my GC yet. In fact, everything I have to prove my legal residence in the US are the 797 notification letters. However, we enrolled and when they asked me to provide further information, I gave them everything I could (including our marriage certificate), and a letter explaining our “timeline” (when I got here, what my I-94 says, when we got married, when I got my USCIS notification letters and so), as detailed as I could.
Kate GianniFeb 11, 2021
hi, how did it go? did they accept it at the end?
Neyda L.Feb 12, 2021
It seems like it. Our insurance coverage shows me as a beneficiary. Also, the I797 is in the list of documents accepted to show legal permanence, according to the Healthcare Marketplace communications that we got.
Kate GianniFeb 12, 2021
I see, I’m still waiting for them to accept my payment
Latoya cApr 25, 2021
I applied at emblem health got a health insurance . I use my 797 I got through am afraid to use it because am worried if that’s gonna affect my paper work am waiting to do finger print
Kate GianniApr 26, 2021
I’m using mine. I hope it’s going to be okay. as far as I know they don’t care about public charge rule that much now.

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