Anastasia Varavina
Feb 12, 2021
health insurance for GC
guys, do you know is it necessary to have a health insurance to get a Green Card? My interview is on 9 March but my insurance expired in December, and I didn’t apply for a new one.
kanon LagoFeb 12, 2021
I don't think so, if you can demonstrate that you will have an insurance in the near future or do you have money in a bank account set aside for medical emergency then you're okay , if I were you I will create another Bank account and just put a small amount of money and have that account balance with you at the interview, if they ask you about any insurance you tell them I'm planning to have an insurance in the near future however that you have a medical emergency account
jon leuerFeb 12, 2021
Check out the Feb 15 window to buy your coverage
Anastasia VaravinaFeb 12, 2021
@Jon Leuer I don’t want to buy an insurance. because I will get it as IHSS provider for free in May. so I just want to know is it necessary or not🤷‍♀️
Mr T FrancisFeb 12, 2021
@Anastasia Health insurance got nothing to do with your GC and good luck to you gal.
jon leuerFeb 12, 2021
If you have this arrangement you're fine, it's enough for public charge grounds. They to gather proof of the arrangement
Anastasia VaravinaFeb 12, 2021
thank you all👍😊
Mr T FrancisMar 4, 2021
You welcome and hope everything goes well with you.
Qais AhmadMar 21, 2021
no it’s not necessary trust me

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