Ivan b
Feb 13, 2024
Has anyone got married during pending VAWA?
Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone got married and get AP and Work Authorization as well as green card? how long it takes? I have a relationship past 3 years with USC and the only reason that I’m not getting married is my pending wava. thanks
Andrea GómezFeb 13, 2024
it specifically says not to, please just wait until it’s approved to avoid any issues with USCIS.
idk 🙂 🥱Feb 13, 2024
@Andrea Gómez where it show that !?
God loves you! ;)Feb 13, 2024
I wonder the same, not in a relationship I’m terrified and in the healing process but I wonder if that impacts the process and how
Andrea GómezFeb 13, 2024
“NOTE: You may file a self-petition within two years of the date of the U.S. citizen abuser’s death, within two years of the U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident abuser’s loss of status as a result of an incident of domestic violence, or within two years of the termination of the marriage to the U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident abuser if there is a connection between the termination of the marriage and the battery or extreme cruelty. For self-petitioning spouses, you may remarry after USCIS approves your self-petition without affecting your eligibility to become a lawful permanent resident or have grounds for revocation of the approved self-petition.” page 6/16 Instructions for for I-360
RauL YFeb 13, 2024
@idk 🙂 🥱 You should know, this is a basic requirement of Vawa
God’s TimingFeb 13, 2024
you can only remarried after Vawa has been approved.
king kingFeb 13, 2024
marriage before vawa approval, your vawa will be canceled immediately. and that can make them think that you left the first person for the second... that can put you in a difficult situation. It's up to you to see your situation and make a decision. but it's not forbidden to get married, cancel your vawa and apply for I485 based on your new marriage... but at the interview you have to prove why you left your first marriage and that this prove that you are not getting married not just to have the papers... good luck
bobby patelFeb 13, 2024
if new partner file for u and wait more 3-4 year then yes after merried your vawa gone .so better wait 2-6 month more
Ivan bFeb 13, 2024
I know we should be waiting until VaWa is approved but I wonder if anyone got married and got his or her green card.
king kingFeb 13, 2024
yeah peoples got, you will get it... just get lawyer to help you... just at the interview, they asked them a lot of questions about the past relationship, but they received their 2 year card and after 2 years, they received their 10 year card...
king kingFeb 13, 2024
if your heart tells you to get married again, do it... everything will be fine. you will get your card but don't forget, you can no longer apply for vawa if you leave this case
s sFeb 13, 2024
I had the same issue with my ex and my relationship did not work out and my VAWA got approved. Stick with your VAWA. Marriage can wait. Put yourself firstz
shellyann WilliamsonFeb 14, 2024
@s s how soon did your vawa got approved??
s sFeb 14, 2024
@shellyann Williamson exactly 3 years

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