Cancun, Mexico I-130 Texas Center
Mar 19, 2023
Has anyone experience this from NVC?
Hello everyone. I have a question for both, those approved by NVC and those waiting. Following the poverty guideline for the I-864 when I make triple of the requirements...NVC has approved all documents but sent me a message through their portal "please provide a sponsor for the I-864 to avoid delays." It's this routine? Those NVC approved, having met the requirements, ignored the request and recieved the approval? Strange approving my personal I-864 on their portal but sends a message to the inbox asking for a financial sponsors even though mines was approved. Thanks in advance
mrs FurqanMar 19, 2023
my documents also showing the same status of accepted, approved and paid. but they answered my inquiry saying I need to submit my husband’s financial documents…
Cancun, Mexico I-130 Texas CenterMar 19, 2023
Mrs Furman. If your documents, including your I-864, was accepted then there is no reason to imply. I am going to ignored their request to involve another person when I'm 3x higher than the poverty guidelines. I'll keep on up to date.

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