keep Faith
Jul 10, 2024
File I-765 as new category
Hi All! I have a question about my I-765. previously I filed I-765 under pending asylum and removal proceedings category C8 but I got married with a USCIS and I filed the I-485 AOS. I start filing the form I-765 under the category C9 and there are 3 checkboxes that I need to check only one. 1) Initial permission 2) Replacement 3) Renewal What should I check? 1 or 2 or 3? Thanks


U.S. citizen filing for a spouse

Total Days: 53 days
53 Days
National Benefits Center: I-485
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Ice CreamJul 11, 2024
Even if you've previously had a work permit, it is an initial application if you're applying for the first time under a new eligibility category. as per this guide
domino 23Jul 11, 2024
renewal. I have same exact situation. I questioned my lawyer’s paralegal and she said she filed 1,000 EAD and she checked renewal without an issue. I got the EAD without an issue
keep FaithJul 11, 2024
@Ice Cream yes previously I had a work permit under category C8 pending asylum and also I was in removal proceedings. But now I’m no longer in removal proceedings and the judge has dismissed my case and closed my pending asylum.
keep FaithJul 11, 2024
@domino 23 based on your own experience I should check renewal? Even if the category is different than the previous category? Thanks
j singhJul 11, 2024
keep faith my asylum was denied 2018 and got EAD always with renewal can you tell me how do you dismissed your asylum I want my asylum dismissed too I got married usc thank you 🙏
keep FaithJul 11, 2024
@j singh if you’re in removal proceeding with a pending asylum case in the court then you got married to a usc so first your wife or husband needs to file I-130 petition for you once the I-130 is approved and your lawyer will file a motion to dismiss your case and once the judge has dismissed your case you can file the green card form I-485. Your lawyer need to send the I-130 notice of approval to the court in order to get your asylum dismissed.
domino 23Jul 11, 2024
just check renewal. it’s fine either way. like I said I have same exact situation and mine was checked renewal. I got the EAD in less than 3 months back in 2022

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