menuka parsai
Sep 23, 2022
FAX number Delhi USCIS
Hey, anyone know the fax number number of Delhi uscis india ?? I need to fax them some paper works and I’m getting so many number .. I’m not sure which one is the right one . please help .
new aSep 23, 2022
no sorry
Manish PandeySep 23, 2022
hajur ko interview scheduled vayo ? Kati time lagdo raicha ?
sagar rainaSep 23, 2022
New Delhi Fax: (91-11) 2419-8530.Did your visa got approved guys ? which visa ?
virgi stvl4d
menuka parsai2d
Nai nai schedule vayeko haina Mero dai Nepal gako theyo he lost his travel documents and is embassy le uscis india jannu vaneko xa re .. he can’t go without visa and we wanna fax all documents and tell them to send it to us embassy Nepal.
menuka parsai2d
@sagar it’s not for visa I needed coz my brother lost his travel documents in Nepal so I need uscis fax number to send documents.. he can’t go india without visa so… thanks for the number
sagar raina2d
ok alright..

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