M j
Jan 25, 2023
Effective date for green card
My wife and I got married on June 2018 and just now I got my AOS approval. Will I have to wait 3 years to apply for citinzenship or does the time that I have been waiting for approval counts?
Farid UJan 25, 2023
yes. when you married you can apply for citizenship after 3 yrs
Ro RoJan 25, 2023
The 3 year counts from when you get the green card so you can apply for citizenship 3 months before your green card is 3 years on condition that you’re still married to your wife.
Mary TaylorJan 26, 2023
yes. you have to wait for 3 years before You have to wait for three years to apply for citizenship. You start counting from the day you got you green card.
@Farid you are wrong... it's 3 years of getting GC that you can apply for citizenship and not 3 years of marriage.

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