Joyce Raymond
Dec 8, 2022
EAD Update
After 5 months of submitting my fingerprints, my EAD finally says case was updated with biometrics. All other document updated with biometrics except my EAD (i-765). After updating biometrics on your EAD, how long did it take before y’all got your EAD approved and in your mail? I have less than 2 months remaining on my current work permit and I am thinking of finding ways to facilitate or there is no need thanks #eb2 #eb2niw
Jado AlioDec 8, 2022
Looks like we both have similar timelines & cases based on ur other posts, I also had Biometrics updated on EAD today after 5 months. Given the holiday we might see some delays, could be weeks or few months, depending on adjudication officer, keep us posted though, will do the same
Mandalorian ADec 8, 2022
if you’re waiting for a renewal EAD, you don’t need to worry if the current one expires, as long as you have receipt notice, you can use that as evidence for pending renewal and still continue work. Or at least that’s what I understand
Uros JovanovicDec 8, 2022
I received my EAD approximately 3.5 months after biometric appointment was completed
Joyce RaymondDec 8, 2022
@jado Alio clearly seems we have same case deadline loool Yes I am just keeping my fingers crossed and praying! So my stem opt is about to expire and the eb2 now is supposed to kick in! not a renewal @mandalorian A

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