Mohamed B
3 days ago
EAD time line
hello guys, how long does it take for the combo card submitted my application on April 2021 biometric done August 2021 (National Benefit center )
m s3 days ago
NBC is going through March applicants. hopefully they will start working in a few weeks April applications. this is just my observations
H S3 days ago
how can you see what applications they're going through at NBC
Anonymous user3 days ago
for real, when do you May applications or up for
m s3 days ago
@HS Iam March 4 applicant. I have been checking on this app on people posting for EAD approvals from March 1-4 applicant before it showed me that mine is approved. I also recommend you get “case tracker” app. there you can put your case number and search upto 500 cases. That will also give some idea on which applications are being processed
Anonymous user3 days ago
m s how do you check
Mansilla Mansilla3 days ago
I'm from March 04 and today my work permit was approved (NBC)

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