Dann C
3 days ago
EAD Aprroved!
So recently I asked on how long does interview get scheduled after biometrics, literally few hours after I posted I got my schedule through mail. And tonight I was gonna ask what’s the waiting time for EAD to be approve, suddenly my case was updated to the “New Card is being produced” — like LOL what are the odds. Anyway, I filed my paper through mail on April, field office is Chicago, IL and I didn’t have any lawyer’s helped — I did a concurrent filing. My interview is next month, and everything went faster than I anticipated. Tip: I think that mailing through FedEX helps, ‘cuz the USCIS have different mailing address with UPS/FedEx.
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ash amir3 days ago
wow congratulations wts your filing date and on which base?
m s3 days ago
congrats Dann! can you please share your timeline. all the best!
C J3 days ago
A I3 days ago
congrats did u expedite?

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