David balili
Mar 19, 2023
Does anyone here went to interview and wasn't approved right away at the of the interview ,if this was your case how long after have you been approved / still waiting
Does anyone been in this situation
💎 kMar 19, 2023
same thing happened to me
oty utaMar 19, 2023
i had interview, went to it, then got notification that my interview was cancelled and then it says my interview was scheduled? I’m confused about it
David baliliMar 19, 2023
@💎 8CTTCA.Z 💎 🦅 how long you been waiting now ? did you receive any update my i130 was approved right away but not the i485
David baliliMar 19, 2023
@oty uta I'm sorry to hear that did you try contact them
oty utaMar 19, 2023
@David balili yes, got connected with a random lady that didnt know and said maybe they wanted antother interview lol..
💎 kMar 19, 2023
I’ve been waiting 15 days, i know is not so much but I wish it was approved right away. They didn’t say anything at the interview. Good luck to us all!! it’s going to work out! Faith
Overcomer Spoon Mar 19, 2023
I interviewed 2021. Still pending

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