eddie jai
Sep 19, 2023
Delta airline accepting expired greencard and i797 extension letter
Hello everyone, I’m really concerned about flying to the US with my expired greencard and extension letter with Delta airline. I just want know if any one has an expirence with the airline with this documents and how it went. I’m flying from Lagos Nigeria and will like to know what y’all think. I hope they recognize the extension so I don’t have to face any troubles flying. #Nigerians #Delta #DeltaAirline #extension #i797
Sandra DeriphonseSep 19, 2023
my husband and other people I know traveled with their expired green card with many flights just make sure to bring the extension letter along with the expired green card with you . or you can try to get USCIS to stamp your passport that will last a year . you have to book an appointment and go to a USCIS embassy for that
eddie jaiSep 19, 2023
thank you @Sandra Deriphonse USCIS said the documents are enough for travel and I do not need a stamp. Just concerned with returning, although i saw online from other post that delta airline is the safest with such documents.
olawale sangobowaleJan 31, 2024
you're good to go with delta airline or virgin Atlantic as long as your international passport is still valid and your GC extension is valid too, just add the expired card to it. my brother no wahala.

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