Alyssa H
May 14, 2022
Confused by USCIS site update
Hello everyone. Before this update that occurred in the last week or so, my husband and I were less than 2 weeks away from the “Case Inquiry” date and now it’s telling me I’m not allowed to ask for an update until August which would be 11 months from my PD but the case processing time is supposedly 8.5 months…? I guess I’m just confused with what to expect
V MMay 14, 2022
What is your PD and SC?
B MaharjanMay 14, 2022
11 months is the new date! This is very much a norm these day.
aliza aliMay 14, 2022
new strategy to make us fool. i was happy with the new updates but soon understood what they did with us. so pissed
Eda EdaMay 14, 2022
same here. i was supposed put a inquiry in a month. now it says dont reach out to us before September. god know whats gonna change in couple months. every time we get closer, they push it further
Alyssa HMay 14, 2022
September 16th 2021 in California Service center
jon mc slohjMay 15, 2022
mine is November 8, 2019. it is really ridiculous
hope for best god with usMay 15, 2022
same hear mine one is showing more 6 months for inquiries it’s ridiculous

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