sam dan
Jan 15, 2022
case being actively review from 2 months
we applied on 19 April for i130, Nebraska service center, since then case status changed to case is being actively reviewed from November . we sent expedite request but no response from USCIS. Any idea ?
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saliou niangJan 15, 2022
being actively review several mounth now
Slammz DJan 15, 2022
mine stayed like that for almost 10 months before it was approved
sam danJan 15, 2022
and then how much time for interview etc
kay kayJan 15, 2022
11 months actively reviewing
Ashly LeroyJan 20, 2022
make sure if it’s still with Nebraska. I’ve seen cases being transferred without notice. chat with Emma and ask for a live agent
kay kayJan 20, 2022
no its California
sam danJan 20, 2022
kay kayJan 20, 2022
sam danJan 20, 2022
Leroy Ashly they never pick up what do I do
Ashly LeroyJan 20, 2022
@sam Dan, are you sure it’s in Nebraska?

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