Jared Fawcett
Sep 24, 2021
Case Approved
AOS from E2 Visa. Married to USC I-765 I-485 I-130 I-131 NBC Santa Ana Field Office, CA PD 09/28/2020 I-765 + I-131 Approved 3/1/2021 I-485 Approved 9/20/2021 I-130 Approved 9/23/2021 I-485 Card In the Mail 9/24/2021 51 Week process in total!
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fleur lilaSep 24, 2021
nicky OscarSep 25, 2021
when was your interview?
Jared FawcettSep 25, 2021
Interview was 9/20/2021. Was told by the officer at the end of the interview he was going to approve me.
Mike MikeSep 26, 2021
blue cheeseSep 26, 2021
jared hello what were the questions they asked you
Jared FawcettSep 27, 2021
Date of wedding How we met Date we got engaged what we did for first date My wife’s DOB Then went through the I-485 questions.

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