Betty Jasmin
Dec 6, 2022
Can a retired spouse sponsors you for green card
My friend have been married for a few years now and he has tps so he never filed for green card. Because of health issues his wife who is a us citizen had to take early retirement last year. Now he wants to adjust his status but people telling him his wife might not be able to sponsor him since she's retired. So my question is is it true one can't sponsor you if they retired
Lesly MolinaJan 13, 2023
It sounds difficult because USCIS needs to know if the spouse meets the annual minimum poverty income (I believe it's $22,887 before taxes as for 2022) and if she's till working and able to support her husband. It's better if they can get a sponsorship by other person. Could it be a friend or a family member but better if they can consult a lawyer.

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