Micky Chhabda
Jun 16, 2022
Can a F2 Dependent Visa Holder study Online microMaster’s or Master’s Courses on Edx
Hi I am a F1 Visa Holder, and my wife who recently join me in USA wants to study a part time Micormasters program in Project Management offered by RIT under edx.org. Given her F2 status is she allowed to pursue that, would this be a violation of F2 status as it says part time education is allowed( she would be doing this program part-time though it is not mentioned on the program) Kindly advise if somebody has been through a similar dilemma or if a legal practitioner is aware of the eligibility. Thanks, Micky #F2#Education#Micromasters#Eligibility
M SJun 16, 2022
it's legal to study part-time only.
Espero para tiJun 22, 2022
Online platforms are available to everyone one in the WORLD so this is not what they are talking about. This more about on campus local enrollment in the facility.

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