Annah Tuker
May 27, 2023
applying for citizenship while traveling
Hello! I just have a question regarding applying for citizenship. July 2023 is the earliest time I can apply for it but I am planning to travel for 4 months overseas from Mid-July til Early November. Most likely after applying in July, how soon can I expect the exam/interview/oath? Is it okay to leave the country while your citizenship is in process? Once I receive the letter for an interview, I can return. Is anyone has the same experience to share with me? Thank you #n-400 #citizenship #travel
Alice SmithMay 27, 2023
Hi Annah, If you travel while your process is in progress, I don't think it will be a problem.
Umar KhalidMay 28, 2023
once you apply they will probably call your for biometrics within a month

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