Apoorva Deo
Nov 28, 2021
anyone here from New York City?
I have been living in New York City for almost 7 years now, waiting for my work authorization it’s way too difficult without any income? people who are waiting for work permit how do you survive, I also have a physical disability so i have certain limitations
jerry Eze (lord show me mercy)Nov 28, 2021
you have been waiting for work permit for 7 years? can you explain why if you don’t mind?
bri flanNov 28, 2021
@7yrs?? this is history...I honestly never heard of a work permit pending for so long. if you have a disability you should be able to send supporting documents proving same and get things expedited.
bri flanNov 28, 2021
ok thank you for that correction Miguel , my bad
SW ParkDec 3, 2021
I live with 3 roommates 🥲

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