r s
Jul 10, 2024
365 Days today!!! and nothing!!!!! Potomac service center what r u doing?! been actively reviewed since aug 19th/23 😡
pre uwaJul 10, 2024
mine 360 as of today being actively reviewing since 19 September 2023😩I don’t know what’s happening.texas service center
Mo MillerJul 10, 2024
396 days as of today, Potomac as well :(
Eve S.Jul 10, 2024
396 days 😩
Ivy VNJul 11, 2024
Well it is what is. I'm from June 14th and still waiting. My case is in Texas too, but i've heard the center has nothing to do with it anymore. I've also heard they are approving many from May and some from first days of June, so hopefully I get approved soon. Unless I get an RFE
Hope. .Jul 11, 2024
455 days here 😓
satty sJul 11, 2024
456 days here 😭😭
rb brJul 11, 2024
Lawyer told us to expect 16-18 months
r sJul 12, 2024
@rb br just received a letter saying 14.5 month…. idk about 16-18month that’s out of processing time

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