Katerina dz
Apr 6, 2023
weirdest GC delivery 😳
USCIS online account showed that on March 31 my card was mailed to me. I started getting worried yesterday, that it’s not here yet. Today 3 times I wrote to Emma, 2 agents told me that I need to wait for tracking number and there is no any in their system yet. 3rd agent told me that even it is said that it was mailed, they didn’t since it’s doesn’t show that USPS picked up that package. and 5 mins ago I went to check my mailbox and GC is there! I have informed delivery also, package never showed up there! it’s so weird but feeling happy and free finally!!)))
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. .Apr 6, 2023
Congratulations 🎉 don't think about it anymore. Enjoy your freedom!
Katerina dzApr 6, 2023
@bla bla thank you 🤩🤩
Jonathan KApr 6, 2023
omg same here!!! literally same dates and everything!! I chatted w them today and they said they don’t have a tracking number. 😭
Katerina dzApr 6, 2023
@Thor Ben for me I had nothing in informed delivery
Katerina dzApr 6, 2023
@Jonathan K hope you will get it today or tommorow
Edison ZApr 14, 2023
Wth!!! I have the same exact date and mine has not arrived yet. I call them they say they haven’t shipped it out yet!! I literally dont know what to do at this point

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