Jay N
Jun 13, 2021
Hello, Am I able to travel (fly?) My passport is valid but my drivers license is expired.
Moo NaeemJun 13, 2021
If you travel internationally you just need your passport to be valid and if you’re traveling locally your password is enough .
Jay NJun 13, 2021
@Moo Naren I would like to travel locally, I’ve heard it’s okay to travel with my passport but I’ve also heard they may ask me to provide a valid license or I could get detained so I’m worried.
k aJun 13, 2021
do you have a valid visa….. what is your residence status
Emeka ChukwuJun 13, 2021
You can travel with your valid passport. It's a form of ID and recognized internationally. So nothing to worry about not having a state ID.
v bJun 13, 2021
yes, you can travel domestically just with your passport, personal experience
Jay NJun 13, 2021
@k a, I’ve currently applied for the I 130, I used to have an F-1 it is no longer valid
v bJun 13, 2021
@Jay N you can travel within the states even without legal status as long as your passport is valid
So SoJun 13, 2021
My situation was the same. I had a valid passport and an expired visa & driver's license, and there was no problem traveling locally by flight.

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