The chosen One
Jun 12, 2021
travel document
Hi guys, has anyone traveled with advance parole (I-131) since this pandemic?… please can you share your experience?
Najo kjbabeJun 13, 2021
Yes I travelled with advance parol dec 2020 and came back jan 2021, and few questions were asked from the port of entry and the officer stamp and parol me in successful with no problem, so it safe to travel with...
The chosen OneJun 13, 2021
@ Najo kjbabe thank you, do you think not taking the vaccine 💉 will pose a problem this time around??
ina loisJun 13, 2021
No it won't if you choose not to take the vaccine, but you must do covid test before going that stated pcp for international travel because they request for it at airport or any stop over before your last destination...
The chosen OneJun 13, 2021
okay thank you @ina Lois
Aryan SJun 17, 2021
what questions were asked by the CBP?

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