Filipe Meurer
Jan 17, 2024
Status Update
My EB2-NIW have a Request For Evidence, and I received a letter in my adress. But, the status is still “case was received” on USCIS tracking. Now, I sent more documents to awnser the RFE, but the status continue the same.. I doesn’t know what the real status of my case. Anybody have the same situation? Best regards.
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Tola MatthewJan 17, 2024
Maybe you should chat a live agent with Emma to confirm.
mush narJan 17, 2024
same with me. 7 months already and still no update about rfe
Tolu OJan 18, 2024
@mush nar did you handled your RFE yoursslf
mush narJan 18, 2024
@Tolu O it was for medicals

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