Pramit Silwal
Jun 15, 2021
Sponsoring green card for senior parents/ healthcare
Hi y'all, I wanted to get a sense of how if any of you or anyone you know have immigrated senior parents to this country. One of my parents is in his 70s, currently in good health but I can foresee in 10 - 12 years, he might need more special healthcare or tending to. He will not be eligible for Medicare. He has private health insurance through his job for life which has some upcost in the States, but my bigger concern is when/if he needs at home medical care which I understand can run into several thousands per month. Is there any special assistance (Medicaid for example) that would cover all/some of those costs? Really appreciate if anyone has any inputs/suggestions regarding this.
abby hatcherJun 15, 2021
parents or spouse of us citizens come under immediate relative and are relatively processed quicker . My understanding is they can get medicare as a permanent resident, the only downside being they might encounter an inconvenience while applying for citizenship. You might want to read up on medicare for permanent residents for an in detail analysis
Pramit SilwalJun 15, 2021
Thank you Abby. It seems there is 5 year waiting period for new GC holders to buy into Medicare and be eligible for Medicaid for low income earners. I'm curious if anyone has some first hand experience about applying for those and if they can use those benefits for a long term care when that becomes an issue.
outaway3 3Jun 16, 2021
This is what I understand, could be totally wrong as I am in the same boat. If one gets their Green Card and is over 65 they are eligible to BUY Medicare. Current cost for buying Part A (inpatient) is I think about $400. They will also need Part B (Outpatient), which is $200. I didn't find anywhere that there is any restriction or wait of 5 years. Medicaid is an option, but I think it is seen as a public charge when you apply for citizenship. Obama care is a good option if they are going to be working or generating income under their name. To be able to qualify for it there is a minimum income criteria that needs to be met. After 10 years of pay checks they are eligible for free Medicare Edit: That is the information that I have gathered so far for my parents.

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