Dave A
Dec 9, 2022
someone asking me to write recommendation letter for them for EB2 NIW
hi I am a green card holder (obtained through EB1-C) and I have a friend of a friend that is asking me to write a EB2 NIW recommendation letter for her to include in her application. to USCIS. does writing this letter have any effect on me? or my credibility etc? I just don’t feel too comfortable writing it if I am honest. she just wants me to validate how long I have known her, that she is a good worker etc. I personally don’t think she qualified for what this visa is for but I just want to make sure I won’t get in trouble in any way me writing letter and her being rejected?
am eliaDec 9, 2022
I was on EB2-NIW and gave an EB-1A applicant my recommendation. We’re both approved already 👩
R SDec 10, 2022
If you don't think comfortable, you may choose do not recommend. But if you aren't comfortable in deny a favor for your friends, for sure it will not bring any consequences for you since you're already a Green card holder and not committing any crime

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